Team Members

Austin, Naomi, Kree, and Lander Wolf
Owner, President of Donor Solutions

Our journey has been incredible and THE LORD has granted us incredible favor through opportunities and relationships in the past 5 years. We started our journey as a CLIENT of Donor Solutions and then in October of 2013 we took the herdsman position as an EMPLOYEE of Donor Solutions under Brian & Emily Hannon. After 2 short years of this position we were honored to be offered the opportunity to purchase Donor Solutions in it's entirety and be the sole OWNER/PRESIDENT in September of 2015. Since then, our family has been extremely blessed to have kept previous relationships and to continue to build new ones. We do this because it's what we love and we are in the business for you! Relationships are our favorite part of this business and we are extremely thankful for you all and whats to come in the future!

Clayton, Sierah & Lorelai Wolf

Clayton was born on July 6, 1991 in Morenci, MI. He has spent his childhood days on the farm learning everything from Crop, Cattle & Swine management. Clayton naturally is heavily involved with routine maintenance and up keep of both properties and equipment due to his ATTENTION TO DETAIL! We are super proud to have Clayton and his family join us the winter of 2019. He brings a consistent effort and attention to detail that can't be taught.

Tyler Hannon
Assistant Herdsman

Tyler is the son of Curt and Leslie Hannon. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Central High School and currently a sophomore at Illinois Central College where He will graduate summer 2020 with an associates degree in Agriculture Production. With his family we have raised show pigs and cattle for all his life. He successfully showed hogs, cattle, sheep, and goats during his 4H career on the county, state and national level. He also had a very successful career judging livestock where he wrapped up the last 2 of his 12 years judging at Illinois Central College, capping off his career as the high individual on the high team at the 2020 Iowa Beef Expo this spring. We are excited to have Tyler and his modern approach to help us better prep sale livestock and contribute daily in herd improvements.