More Than 100 of the Nation's Best Breeders Know the Solution!

Donor Solutions, Inc. is proud to work with the nations top breeders to provide their donor management needs. We wanted to have a whole page devoted to our customers. This page features some of our current and past customers, along with their experiences working with Donor Solutions, Inc.

We would encourage you to contact one of these individuals and ask them about their experience with us if you are considering using our services. We try to do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers and we look forward to working with you. Here is what some of our customers have had to say about Donor Solutions:

"Donor Solutions is great to work with! They take great care of the animals, treating them like their own! They take care of everything so I have one less thing to manage on my dairy!"
- Brian Houin/Homestead Dairy - Plymouth, IN

"I would recommend to anyone and everyone to take there cows to Donor Solutions. The embryos are very sticky and our conception rates are awesome on the embryos frozen there! My best cows are housed there!"
- Tracy Goretska/Goretska Show Steers

"Specializing in your best interest… We sent some cows to Donor Solutions a couple years ago, and shortly thereafter, realized that this wasn’t just another transplant facility. We discovered the folks in Rensselear were experts in cow care and cow comfort.

When we sent cows for the first time, it wasn’t just about “how many more embryos we could make,” but that’s exactly what has happened. The embryos have also been very high quality with high conception rates!

Our business has also experienced increased livestock and embryo sales due to Austin’s volunteer help in networking. From keeping us informed on the latest industry news and trends, to helping us mate our donors the best way possible, Donor Solutions’ “outside perspective” on our females has proven their expertise."
- Brock Welshans/Brock Welshans Show Cattle - Marlette, MI

"Donor Solutions has given us the best opportunity to unlock the potential from our donor females. The team treats every female like their own, and the attention to details shows where it counts."
- Stan Soehnlen/Soehnlen Cattle Co. - Navarre, OH

"Donor Solutions is a place we trust. We have experienced nothing but impeccable care and service. We believe that this business will lead us to our biggest successes yet!"
- Owen Weikert - Weikert Show Cattle/Trans Ova Genetics

"Austin is a great man to do business with!! Egg count is very good much higher than the national average. Cows come back in great shape that's all you can ask!!! Most important you are dealing with a high degree of integrity!!!!!"
- Martin Livestock - The Jimmy and Mandy Martin Family

"Trust and honesty is the most vital part of any business or program, when doing business at Donor Solutions we feel very confident and are assured of this. They have always done an outstanding job and have taken good care of our cattle. From troubled cows to easy cows, we have always had good luck at Donor Solutions. Brian is always helpful, and does this for a living and knows what works and what does not. We have flushed several times with sexed semen and our best luck has always been at Donor Solutions. They always do an outstanding job and we feel, give their best to us. We feel very confident with the program at Donor Solutions."
- Jeff and mark Spangler - Riverside Stock Farm

"The success of Vansickle Cattle Co. not only depends on our success, but that of our customers as well.  Donor Solutions is one of the firms that we trust to maximize our success in our embryo transfer program.  Whether they are managing our consistent producers, or working with a problem donor, they always get the most quality embryos possible out of our cows for us, which in turn, leads to greater customer success.  One of the best things about working with Brian and his team, is the communication. Whether it is a phone call or text to let you know how the cow did or is doing,  or emailing us the freeze sheets that we need for implanting at a moments notice, these folk are great and we owe a lot of our success to them."
- Dave Vansickle - Vansickle Cattle Company - Fortville, Indiana

"Working with Donor Solutions has been one of the best decisions for our program.  They are great to work with and get the most out of our donors.  With outstanding flushes and tremendous conception rates, I would recommend their services to anyone!!"
- Andrew Jones - Springfield, Illinois

"Our experience at Donor Solutions started with sending our problem cows to Brian. He did such a good job with those that he quickly worked himself into doing all of our ET work."
- Scott Campbell - Campbell Cattle Company - Little York, Illinois

"I feel Donor Solutions is the best choice for Guyer Cattle Co when it comes to a facilities that takes care of the cattle, works with me and my schedule to the best of their ability, and gets me the results that we all MUST have in the cattle industry today. I get no complaints on the embryos I sell or the ones we transfer ourselves and that's the key. We have averaged 12.5 frozen embryos on the last 60 flushes over 13 cows and that includes the good luck with the bad and we all know it isn't all roses. Donor Solutions is the best fit for this operation."
- Dave Guyer - Guyer Cattle Company

"We love the way our donor cows are cared for on a day to day basis while they are at Donor Solutions. Since we began working with the Hannon's, our flushes have increased by at least eight embryos per flush with great conception rates. We feel confident in their knowledge and expertise to get the best results for our program."
- Brad and Tyler Winegardner - Winegardner Show Cattle

“Donor Solutions has been an integral part to our program.  Great service, great facilities, great results!  We would recommend Donor Solutions to those serious about their ET program.”
- Zach Gray

“Donor Solutions has done exceptional work for us from caring for our donors to producing high quality embryos. We consider them a key partner in our pursuit of excellence and highly recommend their services.”
- Hara Farms

"Embryo Transfer is the basis of our program and we rely heavily on our trusting partnership with Donor Solutions to continue successful embryo production. Communication and flexibility make them enjoyable to work with. Their diligence and commitment to meet our needs as a customer are second to none. With a strong knowledge base and excellent facilities, they manage our donors as if they were their own and do a tremendous job of producing results.”
- Ryan Haefner - Hudson Pines Farms

"We trust the Hannons 100% with our most important Shorthorn donors. We have been nothing but happy with the results of our flushes and most importantly the care of our animals. The Donor Solutions team treats each cow as their own. Even though we are thousands of miles away, we know when we have a donor here that they are getting the utmost care and that the Hannons make each cow a high priority."
- Rachel Cutrer - V8 Shorthorns - Boling, Texas

Partial Donor Management Customer List

We thank the following breeders for choosing Donor Solutions, Inc. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers through the years...

  • Andrew Lange - Rising Sun, IN
  • Brad Onion - Sparland, IL
  • Cary Aubrey - Monrovia, IN
  • Jeff Barber - Elwood, IN
  • Clint Barnes - Lyons, OH
  • Doug Berry - Rockville, IN
  • Phillip Bowman - Greens Fork, IN
  • Boyert Shorthorns - Seville, OH
  • Ray Bridwell - Covington, IN
  • Fred Campbell - Akron, IN
  • Scott Campbell - Little York, IL
  • Cates Farms - Modoc, IN
  • Jim Craig - Indianola, IL
  • Crane Herefords - Lasalle, IL
  • Cyclone Trace - Clarion, IA
  • Dameron Angus - Lexington, IL
  • Ben Danner - Muscatine, IA
  • Brian Deatsman - Leesburg, IN
  • Dorrel Farms - Spencer, IN
  • Double DJ Muir Farms - Odell, IL
  • Greg Duff - Delphi, IN
  • Dulyn Farms - Millersburg, OH
  • Bob Duis - Grant Park, IL
  • Dunk Cattle Co. - Wayne, NE
  • E and H Cattle - Greensburg, IN
  • Deiter Elbert - Forrest, IL
  • Delhawk Cattle - Janesville, WI
  • Fred Derouchey - Mitchell, SD
  • Gary Edwards - Greenfield, IN
  • Chad Ennis - Martinsville, IN
  • Eric Ott - Laotto, IN
  • Everhart Cattle Co. - Carlisle, IN
  • Bruce and Blake Everhart - Waldron, IN
  • Farrer Stock Farms - Royal Center, IN
  • Max Fawley - Warsaw, IN
  • Fosdick Limousins - Chenoa, IL
  • Fox Shorthorns - Bremen, IN
  • Ross Foxworthy - Crawfordsville, IN
  • Mike and Toby Freehauf - Lakeville, IN
  • Flack Show Cattle - North Henderson, IL
  • Fusion Cattle - Mendota, IL
  • Galbreath Farms - Enderlin, ND
  • Garwood Cattle Co. - Columbiana, OH
  • Brian Goettemoeller - Winchester, IN
  • Dale Goff - Rockville, IN
  • Gottschalk Farms - Green Castle, IN
  • Gray Show Cattle - Danforth, IL
  • Green Oaks Farms - Farmersville, OH
  • Greenhorn Cattle Co. - Waynesville, OH
  • Guyer Cattle Co. - Robinson, IL
  • Hara Farms - Dublin, OH
  • Hege Cattle - Columbus, IN
  • Hodgen Genetics - Green City, MO
  • Charlie High - Anderson, IN
  • Hobbs Simmentals - Atlanta, IN
  • Jason Newcomb - Winchester, IN
  • Jeff Horn - Arlington, OH
  • Hudson Pines Farms - Sleepy Hollow, NY
  • Randy and Troy Jones - Harrod, OH
  • JM Cattle Co. - Rossvile, IN
  • JSF Shorthorns - Finley, ND
  • Jones Cattle Co. - Pontiac, IL
  • Kroupa Genetics - White Lake, SD
  • KSD Farms - Eaton, OH
  • Wes Keller - Humboldt, IL
  • Darryl Klehm - Minerva, OH
  • Keith Lambright - Shipshewanna, IN
  • Lakeview Cattle Co. - Ankeny, IA
  • Lemenager Cattle Co. - Hudson, IL
  • Delbert Lewis - Rockville, IN
  • Line Show Cattle - Seton, IL
  • Jimmy Martin - Bargersville, IN
  • Jeff Miller - Cutler, IN
  • Dennis Moore - Alton, IL
  • Jacob Moore - Daleville, IN
  • Jimmy Morehead - Alexandria,IN
  • Kenny Morehead - Alexandria, IN
  • Randy Mullinix - Toulon, IL
  • Brent Nisley- Martell, NE
  • Greg Norman - Sidell, IL
  • Barry Nowatzke - Michigan City, IN
  • Oak Ridge Farms - Logansport, IN
  • Wayne & Barb Ohlrich - Norfolk, NE
  • Jerry Ott - Churubusco, IN
  • Powers Cattle - Fayette, OH
  • Pryor Show Cattle - Woodbine, IA
  • Steve Patton - Frankfort, IN
  • Phildon Farms - Greenfield, IN
  • Bill Rasor - Van Alstyne, TX
  • Reimann Ranches - Ree Heights, SD
  • Jay Richey - Buckingham, IL
  • Richey Cattle - Plymouth, IN
  • Rodgers Cattle Co. - Searsboro, IA
  • Fred Ripberger - Indianapolis, IN
  • Mike Rist - Laporte, IN
  • Riverside Stock Farm - Oakwood, OH
  • RL Cattle Co. - Bell City, LA
  • Rockin P Livestock - Maysville, KY
  • Rudow Family Cattle - Pana, IL
  • Schaeffer Show Cattle - Hagerstown, IN
  • Jason Scheetz - Niota, IL
  • Schwindy Cattle Co. - Kalamazoo, MI
  • Dennis Shoufler - Fortville, IN
  • Patrick Shuter - Anderson, IN
  • Siebring Angus - Danforth, IL
  • Siegrest Show Cattle - Coldwater, OH
  • Jim Smith - Peru, IN
  • Brian Shuter - Frankton, IN
  • Noah Skrinjar - East Liverpool, OH
  • Craig Steck - Bennington, NE
  • Dean Steck - Knoxville, IL
  • Studer Farms - Shelby, OH
  • Bob Swisher - Alexandria, IN
  • SVJ Farms - Amity, PA
  • Sugar Creek Ranches - Plymouth, IL
  • Sullivan Farms - Dunlap, IA
  • Tolle Family Show Cattle - Taylorsville, KY
  • Tomson Farms - Greensburg, IN
  • Trennepohl Farms - Middletown, IN
  • Curt Utterback - Elwood, IN
  • V8 Shorthorns - Boling, TX
  • Vansickle Cattle Co. - Fortville, IN
  • Patty Vickland - Longmont, CO
  • Eddie Waymire - Alexandria, IN
  • Winegardner Show Cattle - Lima, OH
  • Wolf Show Cattle - Morenci, MI
  • Wyatt Baker Show Stock - Sullivan, IN
  • Richard Yates - Watseka, IL
  • Bob Goble - Alto, MI