At Donor Solutions, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to look into our company. We hope that the new website will help you to understand the goals and services of Donor Solutions. Donor Solutions was formed in 2007 with a vision of caring for and managing the production of donor cows from many different customers in many different states. Since then we have had the privilege of working with cows from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and even cows from as far away as Texas and Louisiana. For a detailed list of some of our past and current customers you can look at our Customer Success page.

At Donor Solutions we have a desire to care for your cows as if they were our own. We try to maximize the production of the cows here by making their living conditions as comfortable as possible. The main reason we purchased this piece of property for our facility is due to the sandy soil. This alone is one of the biggest factors we have that allows us to keep cows in the most comfortable conditions. We believe that the micro-management of their nutrition, mineral intake, and environment are the things that help us to maximize their production and in the end maximize your income from them.

Since opening the doors in 2007 we have flushed on average about 350 to 400 cows per year. We have had the privilege of working with some of the best cows and best people in the country. We have also tried to put together an extremely deep set of donor cows of our own. We have tried to represent a variety of breeds in our line of donors and we encourage you to check them out. We always have genetics available for sale out of our donors. We always look forward to the opportunity of working with new customers and cows and are always here to answer any questions you may have.


Donor Solutions would like to announce an addition to our team, Kade Chastain.
Kade was raised in Brazil, Indiana. He is a 3rd generation cattleman and he and his family raise registered Cattle at local, State, and National levels. Kade is the sole proprietor of Chastain livestock which he started and runs with the help of his family and generous neighbors and friends. Kade was active in the 4-H beef project for 10 years and acts as one of the County Beef Superintendents after he finished 4-H. Kade was also a member of FFA at both local and collegiate levels and during this time he projected his devotion and Love for the cattle industry and helped educate local school students about beef production through numerous Ag Day events. After graduating College with an associate degree in Agriculture Production he became certified in Artificial insemination from Cattle Visions. Kade brings to the table the work ethic and enthusiasm desires to help others with all aspects of cattle reproduction with a solid mindset on the importance of animal welfare, handling, nutrition, and genetic choices.