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Donor Solutions is proud to offer you some of the best genetics through our Featured Donors. Please call us for more information on our donors below, and thank you for your interest in Donor Solutions.

BWEL Legacy 209C AKA "6 Strings"
Sire:  GCC Legacy
Dam:  I-80 x G-13 Structure
Breed:  Commercial
Owned With:  Brock Welshans Show Cattle, MI

Fresh and new and exciting things comin’ at ya with old fashioned practicality! We really think highly of this young female and just couldn’t wait to share her with you. This thing looks like a tricked out Angus… Awesome haired, cool fronted, sloshy, square built and perfect structured. If you’ve seen many GCC Legacy cattle, you’ll know that this is just how they are. Legacy transmits the same look and advantage as his sire, Total Recall. He also combines genetically two of the greatest Angus cow families at Griswold Cattle Company. “6 String” is out of a first time heifer by I-80 that goes back to an Angus dam that is as good as they come. She has been a dynamite producer and continues to out-produce herself year after year. When they are this good phenotypically and have a pedigree that is equally as exciting, the sky’s the limit. First flush sold publically for $4,000 on 6 strings! IVF Sexed Heifer embryos available by order only!

Bwel Legacy 209C

Relentless x Legacy 209C


BWEL Adaline D8A
AMAA Registration number:  473039
Sire:  Wisdom
Dam:  Nowatzke PB Angus
Breed:  Mainetainer
Owned With:  Doug and Vandria Bowers
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Adaline reminds me of a major league player. She is 50% Angus, 50% Maine Anjou, a ture F1! She has all of the pieces and just the right pattern for the breeding ring. Her lines and angles are crisp and smooth. Her slopes and curves are ideal. She’s huge bellied, extra efficient and really sound. If we are being honest, this thing is unbelievable cow material at the end of the day. A show heifer and a cow prospect all in one! The potential with this female is unlimited as she is outcross to the popular maine-anjou and club calf bulls being used heavily! IVF sexed embryos available by order only!

Matings available by: Class on Class

M.Made x D8A

Richey Denali

Denali x D8A

Maternal Made x Adaline D8A
Champion Maine Heifer
West Virginia State Fair
Congrats Olivia McHale!

Denali x Adaline D8A

Adaline calf photo

CHEZ/STCC Miley 5034C
ASA Registration number:  3045387
Sire:  Broker
Dam:  SOS/Black Joker
Owned With:  Welshans and Trennepohl/Phelps
Raised By:  Effling, SD
Sold By:  Ryan Johnson, RJ Cattle Co., SD
BEAR NOTABLE WINNINGS: Champion PB Simmental Purdue AGR, Class Winner 2016 Simmental Junior Nationals, Champion Division 2016 NWSS, Reserve Champion Division 2016 NAILE, and more!

Miley 5034C, also known as BEAR, has been a many time champion and will soon be in production.

Matings available by: TJ Main Event, Relentless, On the Mark & Daddy's Money.

Style x Miley 5034C Bull

Style x Miley 5034C Heifer

Hammer Time x Miley 5034C

Miley 7090 (Jacked Up x Miley 5034C) sold for $30,000

Miley 5034C at 2016 NWSS

Miley 5034C at 2016 NAILE

Hoo Doo 25
Sire: Hoo Doo
Dam: Hoo Doo

We purchased Hoo Doo 25 out of the 2011 Pyority One sale from Went Cattle, NE and boy are we glad we did. She lived up to everything we anticipated when we bought her. When you look at 25 you just cant appreciate enough how functional she is. She is the type that you build a herd around. She has so many maternal qualities and is extremely fault free and good hipped for a charolais. Shes like a good Angus that is hard to find that you just want to keep every daughter. She really hasn’t missed yet as she has worked to Smooth Sailing, Believe In Me, WMW, and Heat Wave. We sold a WMW steer for 6,000 spring of 2014 through Brock Welshans, and a BIM market Heifer for 3,500 as well.

Matings available by: HW 1, Who Made Who, Double Vision, Smokin Bob.

Hoo Doo 25

BIM x 25 Heifer

WMW x 25 Steer

Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Lain 57 (Get It Done)
Chi Reg #: 474735
Owned With:  Doug & Vandria Bower

M57 is a young chi influenced female we gathered from Goretska Show Steers and Lain Farms, IA in 2018. She is backed by the infamous Lain 57 donor that has raised multiple promotional bulls and steer prospects selling in excess of $50,000. Her first heifer calf was a Daddy's Money that sold for $4,750. We look forward to the future of her club calf sired calves we have coming!

Daddys Money x M57


Elegantly Made 147D
Sire: Maternal Made
Dam: Sheer Elegance 147Y (Drifter)
Maine Reg #: 474123
Owned With:  Doug & Vandria Bower

Elegantly Made was the $15,000 valued heifer calf we sold in the fall of 2017. She stems from the very productive Sheer Elegance 147Y donor listed in our Featured Donor lineup. Her first calves have been easy to sell by Data Bank and Quality Counts and we look forward to the future of this young donor!

Data Bank x 147D


SULL Miss Blue Blooded
ASA Registration number:  *xar48255
Sire:  Blue Blood(Hannibal x Double Stuff)
Dam:  Breathless (Vegas x Stockman H898)
Owned With: Weikert Show Cattle
Kymber Notable winnings: Late Spring Heifer Calf Champion: 2009 NAILE Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer Ring B: 2009 Heart of it All Champion Crossbred and 3rd Overall: Pennsylvania Cattleman's Classic Division Champion Crossbred: VCCP Winter Classic (was sick) Supreme Champion: Eastern Regional Shorthorn Show Champion Shorthorn Plus: KILE PACE Superpoint Regional Shorthorn Show Reserve Division 5: 2010 NAILE Junior Shorthorn Plus Show Reserve National Champion Female: 2010 NAILE Open Shorthorn Plus Show

2 flushes have been sold on Kymber for an average of $4500. Embryos have consistantly sold from $600-$800 by matings of I-80, Asset, and SULL Traveler. Her I-80 progeny have averaged $4,000. She is a 3/4 sib in blood to SULL Blue Raspberry who dominated the show circuit in 2013. Rare and valuable matings are available on Kymber.

Matings available by: Driving 80, Made To Order and Maternal Made Female IVF.

SULL Blue Raspberry


Timeless Treasure 132c
AMAA Registration number: 461123
Sire: I Deliver
Dam: Unforgiven x Northern Improvement
Raised by: Jason Jensen
Owned With: Brock Welshans Show Cattle and Fenwick Farms
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The now valued $25,000 female that Brock Welshans and I purchased from Jason Jensen pasture sale in the fall of 2015. This female combines numerous qualities of a maternal and show steer raising donor. She is an extrememly soft centered, stout structured, wide based, carrier haired and awesome profiling animal that moves tremendous and will be sure to raised great steers or heifers. She is the kind that will raise highly sought after genetics no matter what breed you represent! We plan to have matings available by Maternal Made(Sexed and Unsexed IVF), Style, and Fu Man Chu! Now taking orders on this great female!

Matings available by: SULL Revolution, I Believe

Timeless Treasure 132C

Relentless x 132C Bull

Who Da Man x 132C Bull

Good As It Gets x 132C Steer

Onset x 132C Heifer

I Believe x 132C Steer

132C as a calf

Brace For Impact
Contact us for Semen

Maternal Made x 132C sold for $8,000

Miss Purple Maddie 39
AMAA Registration number: 425337
ACA Registration number: 360408
Sire: Sooner
Dam: Vickland Bleeding Purple
Owned With: Jimmy Tomson, IN
TH Carrier/PHA Free

Miss Purple Maddie was a successful shown mainetainer heifer by the Tomson family winning her class at Junior Nationals. She has just gotten into production and we are excited to see what this genetic gem will do! She is bred as good as you can get and dual registered as well! She is stout, big hipped, massive topped, and moves awesome for a high % maine. She is the kind that you can raise great steers or heifers with it wont matter! Hop on this bandwagon because genetics will sure be highly sought after when we get her first set of ET calves on the ground!

Matings available by: Maternal Perfection, Broker and Made 2 Order.

Donor Dam, Bleeding Purple


Gold Standard 1421
Sire: Gold Standard
Dam: Irish Whiskey
Owned With: Rodgers Cattle Co, IA. and Fenwick Farms, IN
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1421 is our newest addition to the Donor Battery as our purchase from the 2015 First Class Female Sale. This is the kind that we all strive to raise, find, sell and use for production. She is a rare commodity and bred like a champion. She has huge perfect feet, a belly that drags on the ground, awesome look, and extremely easy keeping. It takes the great ones to raise the ones everyone drools over! 1421's first calf sired by Drivin 80 was purchased by Jesse Hoobler and Charlie Wilson for $10,000.

Matings available by: Drivin 80, Blockbuster, Thompson Squared, Maternal Made, Denali Female IVF and Relentless Female IVF.

Drivin 80 x 1421


Sheer Elegance 147Y
Sire: Drifter
Dam: WMW/Angus
AMAA Registration Number: 421047
Owned With: Brock Welshans Show Cattle, MI. and Fenwick Farms, IN
TH Carrier/PHA Free

A phenominal, young donor that we had the opportunity to buy into this spring. When Brock Welshans brought this cow to the facility to flush we knew we needed to own a piece of this female. A young female that is just getting started that her first Northern Improvement heifer calf recently sold of $5,000 as a bred female to Went Cattle, NE through Brock Welshans Show Cattle Bred Female Sale. She has an extremely beautiful look to her with a lot of power and mass. She is big bodied, stout, hairy, and has perfect feet and legs! She has a great influence in her rare sire, Drifter, an Ali son that Brock promoted and has had numerous high selling calves. She has a shot of Who Made Who and is bred perfect to raise show steers or highly sought after breeding females and show heifers. She is out of a great cow family. Look for her calves by Maternal Made and Broker in the spring of 2016!

Matings available by: Daddys Money Female, Broker Female, Loaded Up Female.

147Y as a Show Heifer.

Primo x 147Y heifer sold for $20,000.

Primo x 147Y sold for $4,000

A Northern Improvement Bred Female out of 147Y that  sold for $5,000.

Loaded up x 147y

Maternal Made x 147y

Daddy Money x 147y

WDM x 147y


Sire:  Griswold Maine
Dam:  Bounty Hunter
Date of Birth: 2009
PHA Carrier

This is our most recent donor that has gotten a lot of hype from the fall of 2014 and for good reason! Her first calf by Man Among Boys was sold by Tracy Goretska for $27,000. Get yourself a taste of the medicine this gal is producing! She is an extremely soft made, shag haired, super sound female that is correct in her lines and is fault free.She puts hair and bone on anything and keeps them cat like moving! She stems from bloodlines like whiskey, chill factor, and bounty hunter. She is bred perfect for the club calf bulls today! Don’t miss out on these matings, I'll say, "I told you so!"

Matings available by: Here I Am IVF Male

NRK x Here I Am
Many Time Champion

Man Among Boys x NRK-1

Man Among Boys x NRK-1

Registration Number: 378378
Sire: Heat Seeker
Dam: Jack Frost x Meyer 734
Date of Birth: 2008
Owned With:  Soehnlen Cattle Co. of Navarre, OH
TH Carrier
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Go for quality and color with this freaky Heat Seeker daughter that blends time-tested club calf genetics into fine form. She is one of the hairiest on the place with tremendous bone and belly. Her head shape and neck are just right. She is rope necked and as clean chested as you can make one with that much guys. She is wide based and carriers her power well. She is extremely flexible and mobile for a club calf bred female! Heat Seekers work time and time again! From 073 first ET calf crop she produced a Yellow Jacket bull that was retained for promotional purposes and a Yellow Jacket heifer that sold for $6,750.

Matings available by: Holy Smoker and Made To Order.

YJ x 073 Heifer

Good Business 419 x 073 Heifer


BH 841
Sire: Outer Limits
Dam: Hale 002
Date of Birth: Fall 2008
Owned With:  Hale Cattle, TX

841 is one of the biggest topped and widest cows at our facility. Yes that includes the black and crossbred cows in that equation. She is great shouldered and chested and is very extended in her front end for a Hereford. She is a genetic gem and stems back to the awesome Hale 002 cow that has been the foundation for Bradley’s Herd. His geneticsspeak for themselves as he raised both Champion Horned and Polled steers at FT. Worthsired by Kalija, One which was out of a full sister to 841. Not to mention his herd sires are some of the most sought after genetics in the south. Bradley sold two Carpe Diem bulls out of 841 for $22,000 and 4 flush-mate steers that averaged $7,500 two years ago. One of those bulls is now the new and hot item in Bradley's bull lineup, H12! He sold two flush-mate brothers that were sired by Deadliest Catch this spring for $17,500. And He sold another pair of heifers by deadliest catch that averaged $6,750. Not to mention the sons and daughters he has retained. 841 has gotten the intensive donor care she deserves after we bought into this cow in the spring of 2014. We have sold embryos by 841 that averaged $1,200! There is no made right line of genetics in this cow. She is open and free in terms of mating possibilities!

Matings available by: Warpaint, Man Among Boys, Carpe Diem, and Kalija (Sexed and Conventional). 


Deadliest Catch x 841


Registration Number: 378730
Sire: Heat Wave
Dam: Hereford
Owned With: Soehnlen Cattle Co.
Purchased From: Dustin Glover THF and PHAF

0575 is the Hereford marked beast of the east. She is an athletic ranch cow that has a large hoof and could walk for days. She is as stout and broody as one can be made and yet remain carrier free. She excels in her level lines, body capacity, natural thickness, and muscle shape. She has hit big with many different types and kinds of bulls. Some notable progeny are a a $8,250 Solid Gold Heifer, a Milkman at $20,000, and Made Rights at $17,500, $5,000, and $3,000. The only flush sold on 0575 was sold to Stan Clamme for $7,000. She is a great producer as she averages 14 embryos/flush. Her versatility is a big asset to raise slick shear cattle in the southern market or to raise spring bornsin the Northern states. We believe the mating options on this cow are endless. That's one of the main reasons we had to add her to our donor lineup. We have flushed her 4 times and have averaged 17 embryos per flush.

Matings available by: MAB, Carpe Diem, Made Right, Right On.

MAB 0575 Heifer

MAB x 0575

Solid Gold x 0575

Miss Frosty 025
Registration Number: 423271
Sire: Frosty
Dam: Angus
Owned With: Rodgers Cattle Co., IA PHA Carrier

This cow is the newest addition to our lineup and quite possibly the most impressive. This cow is a beast, and she is the perfect combination of brood cow power and look. She is huge middled, stout boned, flawless in her structure and hip design, as well as being very good necked and flat shouldered, and if all that isn’t enough she is also shag haired. I’m no artist but even if I was it would be hard for me to draw one much better on paper. We are very excited about the versatility that she possesses in terms of what we can mate her to. There is no doubt that regardless of the sex of the calves we will be excited to see them. We feel that she has just as much potential to produce the next promo bull as she does to produce the next national champion female. Mitch Daake sold a Heat Wave x Frosty for $10,000, numerous MAB calves have averaged $4,500, and recently a Maternal Made x Frosty heifer sold for $6,500.

Matings available by: Who Da Man, Onset IVF Female

M.Made x Frosty Heifer

Made To Order x Frosty Heifer

Driving 80 x Frosty 025
Reserve Champion Maine Heifer
Iowa State Fair FFA & Open Show
Congrats Borman Family!

Driving 80 x Frosty 025


WCC Struttin 192P
Registration Number: 311260
Sire: Full Flush
Dam: Struttin 79K (Purebred Charolais)
Owned With: Matt Troxell

Struttin 192P needs no introduction to the Show Cattle business as she has already created a legacy for herself. Once a lead donor for Wilson Cattle Company, numerous angus sired progeny have been winners at the national levels and She has produced many sons and daughters in the WCC Louisville and Denver show strings. Since becoming a Cornerstone Donor for Brian Hannon, her mating to Monopoly has done nothing but produce high-dollar club calves. A monopoly son sold in the 2011 Gray Show Cattle fall sale and was the Reserve Champion Charolais steer at the 2012 Indiana State Fair. Two monopoly sons were high-sellers for Gray Show Cattle in there 2012 Fall Sale, together selling for close to $30,000 and were resulting calves from Donors on Ice embryo purchases! One of those sons was the Reserve AOB steer at the 2012 Heart of it All preview and Reserve Champion AOB steer at the 2012 Ohio AGR. The other Monopoly son was a Champion Breed steer at the 2013 Illinois Beef Expo. A monopoly heifer recently sold for $5,000 as well. Tieing into this proven mating is sure to produce exciting progeny that will make the buyer a fast return of investment. There's a reason why ever calf from this Monopoly mating has brought over $5,000, they are consistently good cattle.

Matings available by: IGWT, Monopoly, Getcha Some

Monopoly x Struttin

Monopoly x Struttin


Peaches 75U
Charolais Registration Number: RF707230
Sire: Dr. Who
Dam: Wyoming Wind
Owned With: Richland Farms, IN

This cow is the perfect combination of power and femininity. She is choke necked, huge hipped, and great haired like every good steer momma should be. Her most recent calves are the 2 monopoly calves pictured below. They sold through Zach Gray’s sale in the fall of 2011 and generated over $30,000 between the two of them. These Dr. Who cows are proving themselves in the fall pasture sales as well as the show rings across the country. We feel that this young donor will be heard from quite a bit in the near future. The fall born ET calf crop from 75U was a consistent and big hit as she produced 3 calves that averaged over $5,000 including a Gold Dust promotional bull, a Strikin Gold heifer, and a Gold Dust heifer!

Matings available by: Monopoly, Strikin Gold, IGWT

Gold Dust x 75 Bull

Monopoly x 75 Steer

#75 x Monopoly Steer

Unstoppable x 75 Heifer

Strikin Gold x 75 Heifer

Gold Dust Heifer

G&J Erica 3259
Registration Number: 14619884
Sire: Northern Improvement
Dam: G&J 1359 Ransoms Power

This Angus cow has proven herself as our most consistent maternal producer. She is moderate framed, super sound, hairy and huge bodied. Her ability to produce heifer calves that go on and make great cows is phenomenal. Her most notable heifer calf is the Steel Force that Tim Schaeffer sold last fall that commanded $30,500 and is being shown by the Blanding family. In her first show she was Supreme overall breeds at Keystone International as a calf. Since then she has went on to win the percentage Simmental division at numerous shows. The maternal power of this cow is continuing to impress us and we look forward to calves by Brilliance, Lut, Steel Force, Sooner, Irish Whiskey, Heat Wave, and I-80. Her most recent progeny sold was an Irish Whiskey bull for $7,000 to Minnaert Cattle. 4 of her Broker heifers averaged $7,500. 2 Maternal Perfection heifers averaged $5,000, and 2 Lut heifers averaged $4,000.

1-80 x Erica

Nikki Minaj Y102

Broker x Erica

Broker x Erica sold for $15,000